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Pinterest Training 101

Follow these 4 steps to optimize your Pinterest business page

1. Add keywords to your profile name

Don't just use your brand name. Add some of your niche's keywords to make sure potential customers can find you.

2. Include your website's URL

Verified websites on Pinterest automatically get better exposure on search results.

3. Craft the perfect about section

160 characters to tell visitors exactly who you are and what they can except. You should also include a few keywords here. #'s don't work, so don't use them.

4. Get real with your profile picture

Give visitors a look at the real you. Personal pictures tend to work better then corporate logos on Pinterest.

To create your first Pinterest board, go to your profile and you'll see a red Create Board button.







Once you click, a box will pop up with the information you need to fill in. You can enter a name for your board and a description of what your board is about, and select a category for it. In addition, you can choose to keep your board secret, so that only you have access to it.











Once you're done filling out your board's information, just click Create, and you're done. From there, you can start adding pins.

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To add your own content to Pinterest, go to the board you want to pin to (or use the + button from the top of the page) and click the Add a Pin button. A box will pop up with the options to add a pin from the Web or from your computer.







Regardless of the way you choose to add your pins, you can always go back to specific pins to edit their descriptions, move them to different boards or delete them altogether.








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