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What are hashtags & how do they work?!

Hashtags make it easier to find and follow discussions about people, topics, events, locations, promotions and more.

Hashtags up the odds for you or your business being discovered.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Pair your hashtags with images
  • Group your hashtags at the end
  • Use trending hashtags that complement your content
  • Run hashtag connect campaigns/contests
  • Explore hashtags first


  • Try to replace quality posts with hashtags
  • Don't hashtag every word or make make a long phrase thats hard to read
  • Abuse trending hashtags
  • Use hashtags used by others on personal campaigns/contests
  • Use incorrect hashtags

Download the ultimate hashtag PDF

Social Media Image Size Guide

All sizes noted are in pixels


Profile photo 170 x 170

Cover image 820 x 312

Link image 1230 x 627

Shared image 1200 x 630



Profile photo 400 x 400

Cover image 1500 x 500

Shared image 440 x 220


Google Plus

Profile photo 250 x 250

Cover image 1080 x 608

Shared image 497 x 373



Profile photo 150 x 150

Pins in the feed 192 x scaled height

Expanded pins 600 x scaled height

Board cover 800 x 800



Profile photo 150 x 150

Square image in feed 1080 x 1080

Landscape image in feed 1080 x 566

Portrait image in feed 1080 x 1350

Best & Worst Time to Post on Social Media


Best: 6 - 8am & 2 - 5pm

Worst: 10pm - 4am



Best: 1 - 3pm

Worst: 8pm - 8am



Best: 2 - 4pm & 8 - 11pm

Worst: 5 - 7pm & 1 - 7am



When you're running a small business you may need to fulfill a variety of tasks throughout the day, so getting yourself organized is a MUST! Download our free to do lists and marketing planners to get your business on the right track.

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Marketing Facts, Tips & Tricks

10 Social Media Facts

More marketing facts coming soon!